Hair Analysis Test for a Deficiency in Your Metabolism

If the results of a hair analysis test yielded an excess amount, or worse, a deficiency in certain minerals, this could be jeopardizing one’s metabolism and weight loss goals. Not all multi-vitamins are the same. An excess of calcium, copper, magnesium, vitamin D and zinc can slow the metabolism. On the other hand, sodium, potassium, […]

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Hair Analysis Can Aid In Weight Loss

Your hair contains all the minerals present in your body. In a hair analysis test, the results reflect how many toxins and minerals, including the amount of each, are in your tissues. This test provides a vivid picture of your internal environment, which can aid in your current health and fitness goals. The metabolic events […]

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Whey Protein

Certain intolerances to foods, such as whey, casein and milk protein, can impair your fitness goals. These ingredients are the protein source for most shakes, which many athletes and gym members rely on to meet their daily protein requirements. Unfortunately, what many people do not realize is that the main ingredients in these shakes may […]

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