Coolsculpting Treatment & Other Fat Loss Solutions: Is Permanent Fat Loss for You?

Is Coolsculpting treatment the permanent slimming procedure for you?

By the end of January. It is likely that the steam from your New Year’s resolution is long gone and with summer months creeping ever closer. Your problem areas are seeming like a bigger issue. Weight loss, especially addressing stubborn fatty areas, can be a goal for men and women throughout the country. Regardless of any New Year resolutions.

We want a simple permanent solution – something that will be effective and long-lasting. But what kind of options are available for weight loss today?


One of the most common types of surgical fat loss is liposuction, using a hollow device known as a cannula to break up the fat and then suck it out using a high powered vacuum. Liposuction requires the patient to undergo either general or local anesthesia, closed up with stitches, and entails wearing a support corset or bandages for weeks after with medication to prevent infection and manage pain.

Bruising is typically severe accompanied by swelling in the treated area. Sometimes practitioner error can result in cannula marks, dents, and unevenly removed fat. There is also a risk of infection, allergic reaction, skin burns, pulmonary embolism, kidney or heart problems, and even death.

Fat loss is permanent, but results can vary greatly and often times individuals are not willing to take the time off of work and the gym or risk the potential side effects

Gastric Bypass

Gastric Bypass is an extreme medical weight loss procedure involving complex surgery, the stomach is cut to only include a small portion of it and then redirecting into the intestines leaving much of the stomach unattached.

The idea behind this procedure is that the drastic decrease in the size of the stomach will induce a physiological response to food. The patient will lose weight dramatically as their appetite will have decreased to accommodate a new, smaller stomach. These and similar surgeries such as a lap band or gastric sleeve. All of which somehow restrict the proportions of the stomach have very high risks of complications. 15% of bariatric surgery patients experience complications with a death rate of 1 in every 200 within a 6-month time frame.

Besides a dramatic medical weight loss procedure and an extensive recovery. There have not been many effective options to get rid of those stubborn fatty areas. Now, though, there’s a non-invasive procedure that can target bothersome areas to reduce fat and promote a healthier, fitter you!

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CoolSculpting Treatment Tampa

Looking for a long-lasting solution to stubborn body fat without invasive surgery? Then Tampa Rejuvenation CoolSculpting Therapy at one Tampa Rejuvenation’s five Tampa Bay clinics is the answer you’ve been after!

Instead of breaking the skin with needles, scalpels, and surgical devices, CoolSculpting is safe, drug-free, and entirely non-invasive.

How CoolSculpting Treatment Works

This breakthrough therapy utilizes cold technology to target fat cells specifically – causing a natural and permanent cellular death. The dead fat cells are then pushed out through the lymphatic system.

The science behind this fat loss therapy is called Cryolipolysis. FDA cleared in 2010 with over a million treatments performed worldwide. Touted for its effectiveness and ease CoolSculpting is fast becoming the go-to for permanent fat loss.

Tampa Rejuvenation technicians all have a medical or aesthetic background with years of education in conjunction with their extensive training using CoolSculpting at all 4 of our Bay Area locations – North Tampa, South Tampa, Westchase / Oldsmar, and Brandon!

Where Does the Fat Go?

The extreme cold causes the cell death, or apoptosis, of subcutaneous fat tissue, without ever harming the skin layers on top. Fat freezes at a higher temperature then the surrounding area. Meaning skin, muscle, etc needs to be much colder to have any damage. The crystallized fat cells then die a natural, cellular death and are slowly excreted. Just as our body cycles through our blood cells. Every 90 days our bodies are also equipped with the ability to remove the fat cells by pushing them out through our lymphatic system.

The procedure is simple and efficient with no downtime or recovery associated CoolSculpting makes it very easy to achieve permanent fat loss without affecting our day to day lives.

Getting a sculpted physique has never been so easy!

Is It Safe?

Yes, the procedure is entirely safe and never needs to harm or break the skin in order to target and remove fat. Completely non-invasive, each treatment area will take from 35-45 minutes.

So, who’s a good candidate for Cryolipolysis? Anybody who’s looking to lose fat in targeted areas without undergoing extensive surgery.

Permanent Fat Loss – Tampa Rejuvenation CoolSculpting Treatment

Our physician-supervised CoolSculpting therapy may be just the boost you need!

With over 5 million treatments performed worldwide so many are enjoying their new and improved physique. What are you waiting for?

Call 888-865-8370 today to receive your complimentary consultation and get on the fast track to permanent fat loss with CoolSculpting at Tampa Rejuvenation!