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We offer long-term solutions for both men and women to increase pleasure and enhance overall sexual performance including treatments like vagina rejuvenation and PulseWave RX.

Naturally, life can get in the way of sexual wellness. As we age our sexual performance can be affected––sometimes making it very difficult or even impossible to perform the way we would like to. Today there are therapies and procedures that can address the cause, improving and often restoring functionality to that of our younger years by treating the issue right at the source!

Experiencing pain or discomfort during sex?
Worried about your vaginal feel and look?
Is it harder to become aroused or orgasm?

Experiencing a decrease in sensitivity or pleasure?
Unable to get or maintain an erection?

At our 6 Tampa Bay Area locations, we offer long-term solutions for both men and women to increase pleasure and enhance overall sexual performance. With our comprehensive approach under direct guidance and treatment by our team of physicians, we are able to help you regain your confidence, restoring intensity, and bring passion back into your sex life. Learn more about our vagina rejuvenation and Pulsewave RX treatment options.

Importance of Sexual Health

A vital aspect of our lives and relationships, maintaining and improving sexual health can mean a happier life for both men and women! Beyond regulating chemicals in the brain to lower anxiety and stress levels, sex can:

  • Improve the immune system
  • Work out the pelvic floor in women, improving bladder control
  • Boost libido further
  • Lower systolic blood pressure and decrease the risk of heart attack
  • Burn extra calories and is a great form of exercise
  • Improve sleep quality
  • Boost mood and reduce stress

And so many more! Tampa Rejuvenation offers quick and long-term solutions utilizing breakthrough therapies such as PulseWave therapy, vaginal rejuvenation, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), and even stem cells to restore performance and pleasure.

Getting older does not mean that you stop having sex— your sexual peak may still be ahead of you yet!

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