Are You a Good Candidate for PRP?

Anyone who has experienced thinning of their hair from aging, early stage male pattern baldness, those wishing to strengthen transplanted hair, and patients with a resolved or treated medical condition that caused their hair loss.

This treatment is not recommended for patients who have been bald for 5+ years or anyone with unresolved medical issues causing hair loss (such as hypothyroid or Lyme).

How is PRP for Hair Loss different from other treatments?

PRP for hair stimulates your own follicles to move from a telogen, or dormant stage, to the anagen, or growing phase, causing the hair to begin growing again. This therapy allows hair follicles that had been inactive to begin growing again, resulting in new hair growth and thickening.

Patients spend a lot of money on potions, lotions, and medications with not a lot of results, whereas this process is reversing the aging process of the hair follicle and kicking it back into high gear. Hair PRP is also much less invasive than hair transplants which can be extremely expensive and painful. Far fewer patients are viable candidates and almost none of these are women due to the nature of the transplant procedure.

What kind of results should be expected?

As in any type of medical condition every patient will respond differently. Most results are quite significant and there is a vast improvement in the appearance, thickness, and quality of the hair. As always, some patients get better results than others, but barring significant medical issues (which will be ruled out beforehand) everyone will gain quite a visible improvement.

3-4 treatments are recommended one month apart. However, improvement can be seen between treatments. Patients are given a Theradome helmet to keep at home and wear 3-4 days a week for 20 minutes. After PRP hair treatment is completed, users can continue to use weekly or every other week to maintain improvements.