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PRP Therapy for Skin: Young Skin Could Be Yours

Tampa Rejuvenation successfully treats hundreds of patients a year with PRP therapy for skin. Our skin is the largest organ in our body, measuring roughly 20 square feet. It shields us from the elements and bacteria while giving us our tone. Also, our skin regulates our body temperature and gives us sensations of touch, heat, and cold to name a few.

Biological functions aside, the visual condition of our skin often indicates our internal health. We naturally associate clear, healthy skin with youth and attractiveness. Hence, many of our patients are seeking PRP therapy for skin to achieve a healthy and beautiful appearance.  

In our youth, vibrant, and healthy skin appears naturally. This is the result of a constant process of shedding dead skin cells and renewing them with new ones. Actually, it is said that our skin entirely regenerates every 27 to 28 days! As a result, we see fresh, healthy cells appearing often.

However, as we age, this process slows down. The turnover rate dwindles, and we start to observe a more dull appearance in the skin – or, skin that lacks that ‘glow’. Also, we notice wrinkles developing and a less full appearance. This happens due to diminishing collagen production and diminishing elastin.

Elastin is what gives your skin a tighter appearance. Working together with collagen, both of them form healthy and firm skin – devoid of wrinkles. Aging takes its toll on the skin, but there are treatments available to help reverse this!

What is PRP Therapy for Skin?

PRP, or platelet rich plasma therapy, is an advanced technique that utilizes your own body’s blood to restore your tissues. Our blood contains several components, including plasma – which assists in clotting. Also, said plasma contains proteins called ‘growth factors’ which are capable of stimulating growth in living cells.

PRP therapy for skin involves taking a blood sample from the patient and then placing it in a centrifuge. This process separates the platelet rich plasma from the other components. After, we take that PRP and inject it into areas that the patient is looking to restore. We offer our patients local anesthetic creams, so the procedure is quick and painless.

Skin PRP penetrates into the dermis, activating new collagen production by stimulating dormant collagen cells and fibroblasts. This process rejuvenates the appearance of skin, allowing for a thicker and stronger mesh which improves or alleviates a variety of skin imperfections such as acne, wrinkles, scarring, and dark under eye circles.

Why Choose PRP Therapy for Skin?

When it comes to skin treatments, there are a ton of options out there. Unfortunately, they don’t all make good on their promises. Furthermore, some alternatives become very costly and require long recovery times. Skin PRP is better than Botox or fillers such as Restylane, Juvederm, or Radiesse because it is pausing and reversing the skin’s aging process instead of temporarily improving the appearance of some aspects of aging.

So why choose our PRP treatments? The most obvious answer of all is that they simply work, and work well! But let’s discuss some of the less-obvious reasons why so many of our patients are choosing PRP therapy for skin.

The Safety of PRP Therapy for Skin

Fewer Risks

Our PRP treatments are minimally invasive. Generally speaking, the more invasive a procedure becomes – the more risks you face. Hence, our treatments do not involve any risks of infections, etc. which can complicate your circumstances. We operate in sterile environments and we use sterile equipment, therefore infections are out of the equation.

Furthermore, since we are using your own blood, we’re using a substance that your body recognizes. There are no chances of rejection or allergic reactions. Contrast this with other procedures that introduce harmful chemicals or invasive surgeries and PRP therapy for skin becomes the superior option.

No Scarring, or Bruising

Some skin treatments leave behind visible scarring and bruising, which is essentially the opposite of the goal of improving your skin’s appearance. We do not observe any scarring or bruising with our PRP treatments. Hence, there’s one less item to worry about.

Could Your Hormones Play a Role in Your Skin’s Appearance?

The answer is a resounding ‘yes’. Our hormones affect our metabolism which influences the growth and vitality of our skin. Tampa Rejuvenation offers hormone optimization protocols to benefit your skin from the inside out. Many of our PRP patients combine these treatments with hormone optimization for a thorough solution that has them looking and feeling younger. Learn more on our Hormone Therapy page.

Lasting Results

After treating hundreds of patients, we are establishing trends of long-lasting results. We perform follow-up visits with our patients months and years down the road and observe that same glow they had when the procedure took place.

No Harsh Treatments

Researching and undergoing skin treatments can be quite terrifying! Many skin treatments today include harsh chemicals or extremely invasive techniques involving scalpels and needles. Additionally, treatments like facelifts and laser surgery require a long recovery period.

On the opposite hand, PRP treatments are quick and (in most cases) completely painless and they do not require an extended recovery period. PRP therapy for skin patients walk out of our office and are continuing their everyday activities with no downtime in between.

Stimulating Collagen

PRP contains growth factors that are capable of stimulating collagen production. Think of collagen as the framework for your skin – it holds everything together. By restoring your collagen levels, you gain a younger, more appealing look. Essentially, PRP therapy for skin provides you with the materials your body needs to repair itself – offering a much more natural and safe alternative.

Is the appearance of your skin concerning you? There has never been a better time than right now to give Tampa Rejuvenation a call and let us help. Our staff is standing by to answer any questions or schedule your appointment today. Don’t put your health and your appearance in the hands of an unprofessional clinic – trust the leading rejuvenation clinic in the state of Florida, Tampa Rejuvenation!

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