Female Sexual Health

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We specialize in therapies that help increase sexual pleasure and performance long-term!

Almost 50% of women suffer from sexual dysfunction, experiencing problems like decreased sensation, low arousal, and discomfort during sex. As women age, our bodies undergo many changes from hormonal fluctuations to weight gain or loss, aging, health issues, and the ongoing stresses of life. With pregnancy and childbirth causing the female body to undergo some of its most dramatic changes, altering everything from mental well-being to physical pleasure.
These changes can lead to other symptoms, such as:

  • Low libido
  • An inability to become sexually aroused
  • Decrease or loss in pleasure
  • Failure to orgasm
  • Pain or discomfort during sex  


Benefits of Female Sex Therapy With Tampa Rejuvenation

Sexual health in women is very important. Sex is a natural, integral aspect of human life and is often very important in a relationship, by resolving sexual dysfunction issues, you can restore confidence in yourself, passion with your partner, and improve your overall well-being!

  • Thicken and tighten vaginal walls
  • Increase natural lubrication
  • Enhance sexual pleasure
  • Reduce appearance of saggy or wrinkled labia
  • Improve Mood and Feel Sexy Again!

At Tampa Rejuvenation, we specialize in therapies for sexual health in women that help our patients feel youthful and invigorated! We’re able to accomplish such feats without painful surgeries and extensive procedures by offering breakthrough technology across the board:

Vaginal Rejuvenation – Viora ReVive

Over time, factors like genetics, trauma, weight loss, and childbirth can all affect the laxity of the tissues surrounding the vagina, affecting the quality of a woman’s sexual life. ReVive uses radio frequency to tighten skin, activating collagen and elastin fibers, while encouraging new cellular growth in the epidermis.

Ovulary Shot® – PRP   

PRP is injected into the upper vaginal area, stimulating the growth of collagen fibers, mucosal cells, and nerve endings. PRP therapy regenerates healthy connective and vaginal tissue, restoring tissues strength and thickness to boost pleasure and comfort. What is it and where does it come from? Click below to learn more.

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