At Tampa Rejuvenation, we understand that there is a direct parallel between weight gain and the aging process. As we get older things begin to slow down and the body begins to function less efficiently. Our medical weight loss clinic specializes in helping you to lose weight so that you feel more energized, and regain a sense of vitality. Our program will also greatly reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome, a name given to a specific group of risk factors that are known to enhance the likelihood of Coronary Artery Disease, stroke, and Type II Diabetes.

  • Reducing hunger, controlling appetite and inhibiting cravings for sugary, fatty foods
  • Enhancing energy levels and boosting mood
  • Improving ability for physical activity and increasing stamina for exercise
  • Increasing your metabolic rate as you rest (the amount of calories your body burns at rest)

Our appetite suppressant program is comprised of a weekly B-complex, amino acid blend fat burning injection, medication, and a customized nutrition plan which provides an integrative approach to your long term weight loss success.

We do the weigh-ins and vitamin injections weekly so that we may track your progress and make any neccessary adjustments. We do not rely solely on scale weight, but analyze body composition such as body fat, muscle mass, and water weight as these all affect your end number.

Results may vary from person to person

What if I can’t get to a medical weight loss clinic each week?

We have a number of patients who for one reason or another are not able to come into the office every week. Special accommodations can be made on a week-to-week basis, between our office, the practitioner, and the patient, to help the patient remain on the program and be successful.

I have tried other weight loss programs. How is yours different?

Tampa Rejuvenation’s Medical Weight Loss program has been successfully incorporated in hundreds of our patients’ lives. With a high success rate, we have been able to help our patients maintain a healthier lifestyle that has more vitality and joy. From the start of your program, you will be assigned a team composed of a medical doctor, nutritionist, health coach, fitness trainer, and medical assistant to guide and encourage you along the way.

Results may vary from person to person

I have other friends that tried this type of medication and they put the weight back on. Will I gain back the weight if I lose it that fast?

Results demand change. Unlike other programs, Tampa Rejuvenation’s integrative approach helps us to help you maintain your new lifestyle by giving you a solid foundation for change. This foundation includes nutrition, fitness and lifestyle choices. Many other medical weight loss clinics prescribe the medication without educating or supporting you on your nutrition and fitness. It’s about your entire life and our team works with you even after your program is complete to help you maintain the mindset to keep your body healthy and energized.

Is the program expensive?

What is your health worth to you? Missed work, lack of energy, missing out on events and time with friends and family? The truth of the matter is your health is priceless. There is no replacement body for purchase. If you follow the program formatted for you by our medical team, you will save more money than you will spend. We have a variety of programs to fit almost any budget. Please call or come in for specific pricing and to learn about any specials currently offered at any of our Tampa Bay locations.

Will I ever be able to eat normal food again?

The answer is two-fold; yes and what is normal food to you? If you follow the tools we provide, there is no reason you can’t eat any type of food in moderation. However, as you become more educated about some of the food you call normal, you may come to the conclusion that you do not want to put that in your body anymore. As you become accustomed to clean eating, your taste buds will inevitably change and the foods you never ate before you may now enjoy. Meanwhile, the food items that were once a staple of your diet  may no longer seem desirable. It’s all in your choosing.

Call to schedule your free consultation to learn more about our medical weight loss programs and how they can help you to lose the weight for good.