Bremelanotide PT 141

The peptide Bremelanotide PT 141 is now used to treat sexual dysfunction in men and women. But it wasn’t originally intended for this purpose. In fact, this synthetic peptide blend was developed from Melanotan II, a hormone that can darken skin pigmentation and induce tanning.

During initial tests, the discovery that Melanotan II caused sexual arousal and erections as side effects was accidental. These effects occurred in nine out of ten male volunteers in a study conducted at the University of Arizona by Dr. Hunter Wells. Additional research found the hormone acts on the nervous system rather than regulating arousal through the vascular system like medications such as Viagra and Cialis.

How Does Bremelanotide PT 141 Work?

Bremelanotide PT 141 is a non-selective agonist or chemical that binds to and activates a cellular receptor—in this case, the melanocortin receptors associated with pigmentation. Various forms were developed after the peptide was found to be useful in treating sexual disorders. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) halted early experiments because test subjects had experienced increases in blood pressure.

In its most current form, Bremelanotide PT 141 is administered via a subcutaneous injection. The most suitable sites for injection are where there are fat deposits. Bremelanotide is, therefore, most often injected into the stomach region, lower abdomen, or thigh. The only legitimate form of the peptide is injectable. Pills, nasal sprays, and creams with the name are not legitimate and should not be administered as such.

Effective dosages may vary as everyone responds differently to the substance. A 2-milligram dose is generally effective for men and women, about 1 hour prior to sexual activity. It’s not recommended to exceed this dosage in 72 hours, but experts suggest starting with a 1-milligram test dose and injecting a similar amount 30 minutes later; testing Bremelanotide in increments to gauge response is considered a safe approach. By consulting a physician or health care provider, you can receive a cycle protocol best suited for your condition.

In tests, some subjects responded to PT 141 in minutes. For others with sexual dysfunction, it took several hours to see the effects. The peptide’s effects can last for up to 72 hours in some people.

How Can I Benefit from Bremelanotide?

Bremelanotide has a variety of benefits. In addition to treating skin pigmentation disorders, it can also be used as a tanning agent. Thus, you can get a natural tan without direct exposure to sunlight. Because PT 141 tends to cause sexual arousal, it is not an ingredient in commercial tanning products.

Injecting Bremelanotide can be beneficial in the following ways:

  • Increased sex drive and sexual desire
  • Increased sexual frequency
  • Treatment of erectile dysfunction/impotence
  • Treatment of Hypoactive Sexual Desire Disorder
  • Higher natural energy levels
  • Relief from lethargy or tiredness

With PT 141, the immediate effects are not the only benefits you might see. Increased sexual activity can improve your mental and physical well-being. It can help boost the immune system and, in women, promote bladder control and strengthen pelvic floor muscles. In men, it can reduce the risk of a stroke or heart attack (according to The American Journal of Cardiology). Other benefits are similar to those seen with exercise, including burning fat and calories, lowering blood pressure, and reducing stress levels.

For the best results, you want to maintain the quality of the peptide. It should , therefore, be refrigerated until use. Keep the vial closed until that time. PT 141 must be reconstituted before it’s injected.

Can There Be Any Unwanted Side Effects?

Side effects are possible, the most common being flushing, headaches, and nausea. There can be irritation, reddening, and discomfort where PT 141 is injected. These effects are usually mild. However, you should consult a doctor if you are taking prescription drugs, including any for sexual dysfunction, or are allergic to any other medications.

Treatments for Sexual Dysfunction at Tampa Rejuvenation

Tampa Rejuvenation offers a variety of hormone therapy, weight loss, and anti-aging treatments. We also specialize in peptide therapy. Additionally, we are committed to improving the sexual health of our patients. We’ve taken note of the benefits of PT 141, or Bremelanotide, a safe and effective approach to treating sexual dysfunction. 

Other treatments we offer include P Rejuvenation, which helps men with erective dysfunction. For women, we offer O Rejuvenation to treat low desire, Female Sexual Arousal Disorder, Female Orgasmic Disorder, and Dyspareunia, or pain during sexual activity. Both treatments are administered via injection during an in-office procedure. They involve injecting Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP), which is extracted from your body first, and then processed, concentrated, and reintroduced into the body. They can increase nerve sensitivity, restore tissue strength and thickness, and rejuvenate cells.

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