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O-Rejuvenation: Your Pathway to Sexual Health and Rejuvenation

For many women today, O-Rejuvenation is a lifesaver. Maintaining a happy and healthy life involves a fine balance between handling life’s responsibilities and making time for pleasurable activities – including your sex life. Actually, a healthy sex life improves your mental and physical well-being in many ways.

According to studies, sexually-active persons take less sick days at work – this is due to the immune-boosting effects of sex. Additionally, sex helps women specifically by promoting bladder control. Specifically, by strengthening the muscles of the pelvic floor, a sexually-active woman is less likely to experience a prolapse or urinary incontinence. Furthermore, sex functions as a pleasant way to exercise while allowing people to reap the benefits of exercise; lower blood pressure, burning more calories, etc.

Also, sex is proving to help in managing stress levels – a vital aspect of our busy lives. With all of the benefits surrounding sexual activity, it’s hard to imagine why any adult would disregard their sexual health. Unfortunately, many women are suffering from poor sexual health and are avoiding important discussions out of fear, embarrassment, or other concerns.

Is your sex life depleting?

Are you having a hard time enjoying sex?

Is it becoming more difficult to reach arousal and orgasm?

O-Rejuvenation Can Help

You owe it to yourself to live a happy and fulfilling life. Hence, if you answer ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, then you should have the comfort in knowing that O-Rejuvenation can help you. Up until recently, treatment options for a woman’s sexual health have been pretty non-existent or scarce.

There are pills, devices, herbs, expensive surgeries – you name it. However, none of these treatments are very groundbreaking. That is, up until now. With the advent of O-Rejuvenation, Tampa Rejuvenation is helping women restore their sexual health and enjoy their lives like never before. There are a number of treatments and options like O-Rejuvenation, including vagina rejuvenation.

For aging women, female hormone optimization therapy helps in this regard – but a combination of treatments provides you with the best outcome. For more on our hormone optimization procedures, click here.

What is O-Rejuvenation?

The Orgasm Shot, known as O-Rejuvenation, rejuvenates the vagina by using vital components natural to our blood. This is one method of vagina rejuvenation. Namely, doctors are using PRP, or platelet rich plasma, in these treatments. Platelet rich plasma contains clotting factors and various proteins known as growth factors. Growth factors encourage the body to initiate a healing and rejuvenating response. Hence, utilizing PRP treatments restores your tissues to a younger state.

After harvesting your body’s own PRP, we use a thin needle to inject those components into the clitoris and the vagina. Also, we provide our patients with a mild numbing cream to apply before the procedure. Hence, individual experiences vary, but the majority of our patients are not reporting any discomfort throughout the procedure.  

We are Currently Using O-Rejuvenation For...

  • Female Sexual Arousal Disorders – When a woman displays the desire to have sex but they have trouble becoming physically aroused.
  • Low Sexual Desire – This occurs when a women’s lack of sexual appetite is disrupting her life. As an example, for women in committed relationships with a frustrated partner. Actually, this issue creates a chasm in the relationship and treating the root of the issue helps both persons involved.
  • Female Orgasmic Disorder – When a woman displays sexual desire and participates but is struggling to reach orgasms.
  • Dyspareunia – This is a medical condition involving pain during sex caused by physical ailments.

How Does O-Rejuvenation Work?

Biopsy studies reveal that when PRP is injected into a patient’s body, the patient’s concentrated growth factors respond by multiplying quickly and growing new tissue. Also, PRP therapy helps by regenerating healthy connective and vaginal tissue. Additionally, the act of restoring the strength and thickness of the tissues results in a boost to pleasure and comfort.
Rejuvenating the collagen cells and elastin fibers increase the thickness of the skin, alleviate discomfort, and tighten the vaginal walls. It is also worth noting that O-Rejuvenation treatments rejuvenate the Mucosal cells. As a result, our patients are experiencing improved lubrication, sensitivity, and restoring arousal.

Finally, the treatments help by increasing nerve sensitivity in the area. This brings more enjoyment to the sexual pleasures thus enhancing orgasm frequency and strength. A side benefit to this is the strengthening of the pelvic floor, which happens via the tensing that occurs with strong and frequent orgasms.

Why is O-Rejuvenation Right for Me?

There are no complications or allergic reactions. O Rejuvenation treatments harvest your own blood’s PRP. Given that it is natural to your own body, there are no chances of rejecting the treatment.

There are no expensive surgeries or long recovery times required. We understand you lead a busy life. Hence, nobody has time to take weeks off of their routine activities to recover from invasive surgery. O-Rejuvenation provides an effective treatment option which distinguishes itself from previous treatment methods by not requiring long recovery times or causing scars. Actually, you may notice some mild swelling, redness, or numbness for up to the first week. Most of our patients do not report any adverse reactions after that point, however.

O-Rejuvenation treatments offer long-lasting results. Tampa Rejuvenation provides O-Rejuvenation treatments to hundreds of women each year and we are seeing long-lasting results. Actually, we are seeing treatments creating an effect that lasts for about up to three years. However, some women prefer undergoing follow-up treatments after about 18 months.

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