What Is CoolSculpting?

The New Year is here. Along with it all the self-promises to lose weight and shed as much fat as you can before the beach season. Losing fat has a ton of great health benefits. It helps us feel sexy and confident, improving our overall well-being.

As you’ve likely seen for yourself. Weight loss isn’t as easy as it sounds, and sometimes diet and exercise won’t cut it. At least not in your timeframe. You might need a little extra help to tighten up specific areas and remove stubborn fat buildup. You’ll probably want a quick procedure without any recovery or downtime after, too.

You’re in luck!

At Tampa Rejuvenation, we offer CoolSculpting for weight loss services tailored to each patient’s needs to make sure they meet their weight loss goals on time! Technology now allows us to achieve permanent fat loss without surgery or anesthesia.

Not all fat loss is performed through complex surgeries, although many people might not know it. Tampa Rejuvenation medical weight loss clinic specializes in noninvasive therapies that provide patients with real, long-lasting results.

Today, there are more simple and effective procedures for weight loss than ever! Arguably the most revolutionary noninvasive procedure available is CoolSculpting, a thermal therapy that freezes fat cells and contours your body.

You don’t have to pay an arm and a leg or go through extensive procedures just to lose fat. You shouldn’t have to halt your life to see real results.

With simple Coolsculpting therapy, you can feel good about your body again!

How Does CoolSculpting for Weight Loss Work?

CoolSculpting is a breakthrough in fat-loss solutions; one with long-lasting results. The device is placed onto target areas and then activated to freeze and kill fat cells. Which are then flushed naturally from the body. The fat simply washes out with the other waste!

CoolSculpting uses a process called Cryolipolysis to freeze fat cells at extreme levels of cold. There is no need for any incisions and there is no downtime associated – the patient will feel some localized cold, numbness, or a tingly sensation that typically subsides shortly after the therapy. The cold specifically targets and damages fat cells alone causing a permanent, natural cellular death to the target area. The fat cells are then pushed out through the lymphatic system and are not able to be replaced.

Liposuction involves anesthesia and incisions to remove fat, sometimes leaving deep groves or indentations from the device used to remove fat and can result in an uneven process. Patients then have to wear compression garments, take time off of work and the gym and can suffer from side effects,

With CoolSculpting, though, you can freeze fat and contour your body–and still go about your usual life! This noninvasive, fat loss therapy is offered at any of our Tampa Rejuvenation clinics throughout the Tampa Bay and Sarasota areas – with offices in North Tampa, South Tampa, Brandon, and Westchase / Oldsmar – helping you to achieve the body you’ve dreamed of without the need for complex procedures.

You probably still have questions, so let’s talk a bit more about the fat-blasting effects of CoolSculpting.

Is it a Safe Procedure?

CoolSculpting has been FDA cleared since 2010 and is safe and effective. Noninvasive procedure that has the same permanent effect as traditional liposuction for removing fat without the pain and downtime. There’s no worry over unsanitary utensils. Infection from open or healing wounds, or upkeep of surgical areas (not to mention pain).

Although Cryolipolysis dissolves fat with intense temperatures, it isn’t harmful to the skin or surrounding tissues. The creators behind CoolSculpting were careful to keep the device operating within a specific temperature range that kills only fat cells, all while keeping skin cells healthy.

No skin damage and no pain, but plenty of real results!


In 2010, CoolSculpting received FDA clearance for fat reduction. Now approved from treatment areas from chin to knee – there have been more than 5 million CoolSculpting procedures performed world-wide and counting!

Join the millions who have already turned to this breakthrough fat loss therapy to reduce fat mass and inches without having to undergo invasive surgery.

CoolSculpting Doesn’t Harm Your Body

The CoolSculpting therapy device targets specified areas of the skin–such as the flank, abdomen, or “muffin top”– and cools the fat tissue to below-freezing temperatures. The idea is that fat cells are more susceptible to extreme temperatures and can be killed off while the skin is kept safe. Then the body flushes the fat away naturally!

Each device has a built-in safety feature that causes it to shut off if the skin cells are getting too cold. The applicator uses a vacuum to get the maximum amount of fat surface area, cooling the fat cells underneath the skin.

Here’s what the procedure looks like:

After arriving for your scheduled appointment. A certified CoolSculpting technician will review your treatment plan and map your fat to get the maximum amount of fat reduction possible. They will then help you get situated for your therapy. Using pillows to prop you up and situate you for a reading or napping session. The technician will then position the device on the targeted skins area(s).

Then just sit back and relax while the Cryolipolisis does the work. Permanently freezing your fat cells–as simple as that!

Depending on the area, the procedure may only take you 35-minutes which is even shorter then some peoples lunch breaks.

Where Can I Get CoolSculpting for Weight loss?

You can say goodbye to those stubborn fat cells for good. Without missing work, experiencing a lot of pain, or uneven side effects freeze – and hello to your new and improved physique!

With Tampa Rejuvenation clinics offering body contouring and medical weight loss throughout the Tampa Bay and Sarasota area – with 4 conveniently located offices in North Tampa, South Tampa, Westchase / Oldsmar, and Brandon, your solution to a happier, revitalized you has never been more accessible.

Contact Tampa Rejuvenation today at 888-865-8370 to learn more and schedule your no-cost consultation!