Health Tip: Working Out an Empty Stomach to Burn Fat
Health Tip 8.30.16
This is the age old question, whether to work out on an empty stomach or not. When you wake up your glycogen stores are low, glycogen is your body’s preferred nutrient source so when depleted may cause your body to use more of your fat stores to fuel your workout then if not. Eating less […]
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B-12: How is it Benefiting Me?
Dr Evans Vitamin B-12
B-12 is a water-soluble nutrient that occurs naturally in animal products such as some fish, poultry, and lean red meats. This vitamin does not cause weight loss but instead promotes it by aiding the body in proper metabolization of protein and fat. This proper metabolization results in increased energy levels and efficient usage of nutrient […]
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Fitness Tip Of The Week – 8/22/2016
Cardio has long been associated with a weight loss regimen to help burn fat, thinking that weight lifting can increase muscle, increasing weight and making you look “bulky”. This, as many other nutritional hypotheses, is false. Although, muscle is much more dense than fat it results in a much leaner physique and women are just […]
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3 Tips to Picking Out the Right Weight Loss Program
If you are having difficulty catching your breath after climbing a flight of stairs or are tired of living with low energy levels, then you may be ready to start shedding your extra weight. Here’s what you need to keep in mind to help you to lose the extra pounds: Doctor Supervision Is there a […]
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What Is Medical Weight Loss?
Medical weight loss can be achieved through a variety of techniques ranging from prescription medications to surgical procedures. A physician may prescribe medication that increases the metabolism of an individual which will then promote and assist in the burning of calories. There are also a few medical weight loss medications that affect the way in which a body […]
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Digestive Enzymes
When it comes to your body’s overall health what you see and feel on the outside is all directly affected by what’s going on on the inside. This is where a myriad of biological processes occur; from the breakdown and absorption of your food, to the excretion of toxins and wastes from your body. Your […]
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Fact or Fiction: Bio Identical Hormones In Tampa
If you haven’t already heard, bio identical hormones Therapy are increasingly popular in Tampa. There are many claims about them, but they haven’t been proven by the FDA. While this type of replacement therapy can be beneficial, you should understand the facts and myths surrounding BHRT, before jumping in and making a decision that could […]
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Reasons To Consider Weight Loss In Tampa
Almost every person in America could stand to lose a few pounds, especially with all the fast food restaurants and the like out there. However, there are many reasons to consider weight loss in the Tampa area, and any or all may apply to you. For example, you could lower your risk for certain cancers, […]
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