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At the Tampa Rejuvenation (now AgeRejuvenation) clinic in Wesley Chapel, Tampa, you’re going to feel better, look better – and after completing your treatment, live better, so much better.

The staff at our Wesley Chapel office will help you experience an integrative approach to medical wellness and weight loss that focuses on Bio-Identical Hormone Treatment, Medical Weight Loss, Nutrition, and Exercise. We can also help you get back on track with Hormone Replacement Therapy.

For many of our patients, the entire experience, from reception to a successful completion, is an epic accomplishment. Many of them have told us about the joy and vitality they feel from the treatment they received from our Wesley Chapel weight loss center.


Services Provided

Proven Results!

At Tampa Rejuvenation, you’re not only going to feel and look better, but our experienced team can work with you to reduce the risks for chronic illnesses.  We also can help wean our patients off previously prescribed medications so you can be active and healthy without them.

We understand how unhealthy overeating is, and how for some patients it feels like their weight can spiral out of control. If you’re in this position, contact us today, because we can help. We have the doctors that can get you back to a healthy, fit and vibrant you.

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