Changing Eating Habits – Steps to a Healthier You in 2018!

The New Year is here, and with it come all those New Year resolutions everyone has been prepping for. Nearly half of all Americans make a resolution for the coming year, many focusing on weight loss and overall well-being.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, changing eating habits and the way you eat proves to be one of the most difficult challenges when trying to lose weight. Many people have been eating the same way for years, relying on cheap and convenient food for sustenance (often the unhealthiest kinds).


Not only are people emotionally attached to these junk foods, their bodies have also adapted to consuming and storing those fats, making it even harder to change.


What causes a person to eat like this?


Many people overeat when they are stressed, bored, or angry. Over time the association between food and emotion can be firmly fixed. Boredom plus an open bag of chips lying around is a recipe for weight gain. Stressful days might end in binging sweets and desserts. And they might not be thinking about the effects of unhealthy eating habits, the effects of a bad diet, or how diet affects health.


It takes willpower and a strong commitment to break these habits, reverse the effects of unhealthy eating, and see results.


Replacing Old Habits with Productive Ones


The only way to start breaking those old poor habits is to take action and begin replacing them with habits that will encourage a healthier lifestyle by changing eating habits and adopting a healthy lifestyle diet.


Educating yourself about healthy foods and exercise should be the first step. You can accomplish this easily by doing online research and downloading fitness or wellness apps for your smartphone, learning more about a healthy eating lifestyle.


It’s not enough just to research about it, though. You’ll need to get involved in healthy activities, too, using the apps and research as motivators.


Here are just a few common steps towards weight loss and a healthier you in 2018:


  • Download a calorie counter
  • Start logging your diet
  • Speak to a nutritionist or other health professional
  • Google search for nutrition and fitness topics you find interesting
  • Go to the store and buy a book about nutrition
  • Watch YouTube videos about healthy eating


Another powerful way to cycle out of your old unhealthy ways is to surround yourself with people that are living the lifestyle you need to achieve weight loss goals.


Emotions are extremely contagious. If you’re constantly around people that are unmotivated, lazy, and always complaining about things, then it won’t be long until you find yourself doing the same things. You should consider all the habits that contribute to a less happy you and work to resolve them while you have the motivation.


If your current environment is holding you back, then joining a gym, getting a personal trainer, or meeting with a health professional can help get you out of your current unhealthy lifestyle. That way, you’re trading one out for an environment where the people around you encourage a new and healthier lifestyle.


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