DNA Testing for Weight Loss

Genetic testing can tell us a lot about ourselves and the type of conditions or obstacles that we experience or are predisposed to. In this way, genetic testing for weight loss is uniquely insightful, helping patients discover reliable and practical weight loss solutions.

Your Genetics Can Teach You How to Lose Weight

Does it ever feel like no matter what you eat or drink, you’re always gaining or maintaining a weight you’re unhappy with? Have you attempted multiple diets that seemed to work well for friends and coworkers, but your scale barely budged? You may be making all the right decisions when it comes to dieting, but your body might not respond the same way as others.

DNA testing for weight loss can help you identify the best methods for your body to convert food into healthy energy while losing weight. Our DNA is the master blueprint of who we are, controlling everything from the color of our eyes and the shade of our hair, to the way our bodies respond to certain nutrition. Due to the way weight loss programs are mass-marketed, it is not common knowledge that our bodies can all respond differently to the exact same diets. Understanding how our body works specifically will only make it easier to lose, or maintain weight, for years to come.

DNA Testing For Weight Loss

We offer a state of the art DNA test that can not only determine your diet type, but also analyze other factors influencing your weight and overall health. Such as:

  • Eating behaviors
  • Metabolism of various medications
  • Conditions you are more likely to get
  • Body’s response to exercise

Your results come with a full menu book, containing recipes and a shopping list, further simplifying the process of eating for your body type. Getting an in-depth view of your DNA may be the tool you need to reach or maintain your weight goal.

Not All Diets Work the Same for Everyone

The four major diet types recognized by the American Dietary Association (ADA) are Paleo, Mediterranean, Low Carb, and Low Fat. Each of these diets can provide varying results for individual patients, even with the exact same recommended caloric intake. Your genetics ultimately determine what type of diet your body will respond best to and what methods are most effective for keeping the body in its best condition. For example, if your body responds more favorably to a Low Carb diet but you’ve decided to follow a Mediterranean diet, you can eat the same amount of calories and not see the weight loss results had you paired your genetic code with its preferred diet type.

By utilizing genetic testing to determine your optimal weight loss, you will save a lot of time and frustration by implementing the nutrition plan that works best with your body. Due to our genetic programming, the cells that regulate weight will react to various eating styles differently by burning off more fat stores – or retaining them if following a plan not aligned with your body’s preference. Instead of cycling through each diet, determining over weeks or months if that eating regimen is working for your body, you can discover exactly which diet you should employ for optimal results to either lose or maintain weight.

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