DNA Testing for Weight Loss

Let Your Genetics Guide You On How To Lose Weight

Does it ever feel like no matter what you eat, you still gain weight? Diets that worked so well for friends and co-workers, but the scale barely budges for you? DNA testing for weight loss can help you identify the best way for you to lose weight. That’s because we all respond differently to the same diet; our DNA controls the color of our eyes, the shade of our hair, and also the way we respond to nutrition.

There are 4 major diet types recognized by the American Dietary Association (ADA): Paleo, Mediterranean, Low Carb, and Low Fat. Your genetics determine what diet type your body will respond best to. For example, if you are a Low Carb diet type, but are eating a Mediterranean diet you can eat 1300 calories on both, but still lose more weight on the Low Carb, because that is the diet type your body responds best to. By determining your diet type you will be able to eat the right foods for your body making it easier to lose, or maintain your current weight.

DNA Testing For Weight Loss

We offer you a state of the art DNA test that can not only determine your diet type, but also analyze other factors influencing your weight and overall health. Such as:

  • eating behaviors
  • metabolism of various medications
  • conditions you are more likely to get
  • body’s response to exercise

Your results come with a full menu book, containing recipes and a shopping list, simplifying the process of eating for your body type even further. Getting an in-depth view of your DNA may be the tool you need to reach or maintain your weight goal.

To learn more about our DNA testing for weight loss and unlocking your genetic code contact us today to come in for a no-cost consultation at any of our Tampa Bay locations!


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