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The Tampa Rejuvenation staff is excited to now be serving patients in beautiful St. Petersburg, as part of our mission to help patients in Tampa Bay find the vitality and renewed energy that makes life so enjoyable. Located in the Grand Central District, our new St. Petersburg weight loss center is in a historic bungalow with old Oak trees outside that add considerable charm to the area. Grand Central is also known for its excellent bike lanes and bicyclists are common in the neighborhood.

Now the experienced staff at Tampa Rejuvenation can bring our expertise in implementing medical weight loss strategies and in helping people take charge of their lives through bio-identical hormone replacement therapy to the residents of St. Petersburg.


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Tampa Rejuvenation has a lot of ways to help you get your life back on track. One of the things our patients have discovered is they can cut back on or even stop using their prescribed or synthetic medications by taking advantage of our programs.

Those techniques have helped so many to alleviate the risk of developing chronic illnesses by incorporating our medical weight loss plans into their daily lives. Our expert medical weight loss team will help you customize a weight loss plan where you not only lose the weight — but keep it off.

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