Who is a good candidate for PRP Penile?

Anyone who is looking to increase their performance, sensitivity, and erection quality would benefit from taking part in PRP penile. However, treatments are more strongly recommended for those already experiencing some level of erectile dysfunction or ED. PRP is typically performed in conjunction with patients already receiving PulseWave RX therapy. Since PulseWave RX increases blood flow to the region, it makes sense to begin with this type of therapy so that optimal benefit can be achieved from the new stem cells injected into the penis.

How does PRP improve performance?

PRP improves performance by awakening dormant cells, rejuvenating the tissue and muscle in the shaft and tip of the penis, and increasing nerve sensitivity. This is especially necessary to restore function and sensitivity for those who have received some type of nerve damage. Sensitivity is very important for male sexual performance and both erection and ejaculation are dependent on stimulation. Increasing vascularization can aide in growth pertaining to girth and length as well.

What kind of results should be expected?

In 3-4 weeks PulseWave often shows an improvement in less severe cases in penis girth and erection quality as the cells are rejuvenated back to their younger state in conjunction with increased sensitivity and improvement in ejaculation should also be noticed. Typically a second, follow up treatment is performed 90 days after the first treatment for the best results, although improvement will be experienced following the first PRP therapy.

How long do results last?

As aforementioned, penile PRP is even more effective when performed in conjunction with PulseWave RX as it works to improve blood flow and stimulate nerve sensitivity while the PRP works to reawaken dormant cells. As we age, our bodies continue to break down or experience a decrease in vascularization, so for best results maintenance, PulseWave RX treatments will help prolong your results. Also, as the penis is a muscle, ongoing use is also highly recommended to attain optimal results from your treatments. We recommend our patients ejaculate 3-5 times a week to continue on with their renewed performance.