P-Shot® Treatment

Tampa Rejuvenation’s P-Shot Treatment is a simple, but highly effective in-office procedure that addresses symptoms of erectile dysfunction and will dramatically improve sexual performance by restoring girth, width, and strength of your erection.

The P-Shot is an especially effective tool to improve negative side effects from aging, medications, diabetes, or even post-prostate cancer – all causes of erectile dysfunction. However, every man looking to boost his sex life can benefit from cellular rejuvenation and improved vascularization.


How Does The P-Shot Treatment Work?

The P-Shot Treatment is a natural procedure that uses Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) extracted from your own body. Our process utilizes the growth factors from your blood, concentrating and reintroducing them into the penis for a powerful response.

P-Shot is also an excellent alternative for men who are dependent on medications to get an erection, or who have had adverse side effects from various erectile medications.

Who Is a Good Candidate?

This treatment is ideal for all men looking to improve performance by increasing sensitivity, size, and erection quality. However, treatments are especially recommended for those already experiencing some level of decreased performance or erectile dysfunction (ED).

How Does P-Rejuvenation Improve Performance?

P-Shot enhances performance by awakening dormant cells, restoring nerve sensitivity, and rejuvenating the tissue and muscle of the penis from shaft to tip.

For men, sensitivity is especially crucial for stimulation. By restoring stimulation men are able to achieve a stronger erection and elevated performance. This is further improved by the increase in vascularization causing growth in both girth and length, as well.

P-Shot is typically performed in conjunction with our PulseWave RX Therapy to maximize pleasure and restore confidence. PulseWave RX increases blood flow by breaking up any micro plaques, reopening blood vessels, improving sensitivity, and potentiating new

Results Expected with P-Rejuvenation?

Within a short period of time, penile girth and length will be improved, as well as erection strength, as new blood vessels form allowing the penis to return to that of yesteryears. Men will also experience an improvement in sensitivity as the nerve cells are also stimulated providing improvements in sensation, orgasms, and ejaculation quality.

For older men, patients with more severe cases of erectile dysfunction, or those just desiring a greater impact, Tampa Rejuvenation’s P-Rejuvenation PLUS utilizes stem cell therapy in conjunction with the PRP to achieve your maximum potential.

How Long Do Results Last? 

There is a regenerative process that continues to occur for a period of time after the P-Rejuvenation Treatment, so although significant improvement is experienced within the first couple days, results can continue to improve up to two weeks after. Our P-Rejuvenation Treatment protocol for optimal benefit is to receive a second treatment 90 days after the first treatment to continue to improve and rejuvenate cells.

The penis is best thought of as muscle and continual use is recommended to maintain maximum benefit. To ensure the greatest results from P-Shot, Tampa Rejuvenation suggests ejaculating 3-5 times a week. A penis pump can also be used to prolong results of the therapy and keep new lines of vascularization open.

This device forces blood into the shaft of the penis and the influx in blood flow causes an erection. Penis pumps have also been shown to aide in improving penile girth and width. As previously mentioned, combining the P-Rejuvenation with PulseWave RX therapy will improve blood flow and stimulate nerve sensitivity while the PRP reawakens dormant cells creating new vascularization and nerve endings.


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