Meet Our Staff

Bobby Ardila

Physician Assistant

Bobby received his initial medical training while serving in the United States Navy as a Naval Corpsman with the Marines. He is a highly dedicated and motivated bi-lingual Physician Assistant, that brings an array of impressive professional qualifications to Tampa Rejuvenation.
Upon completion of his graduate medical training, Bobby was accepted to the MD Anderson Cancer Center’s Oncology Fellowship Program, where he gained an even greater appreciation and profound respect for alternative medicine. From there, he received comprehensive, integrative training at the University of Arizona Integrative Medicine Fellowship. From the surgical to the medical/clinical arena, Bobby’s desire is to provide a holistic approach to patient care, with a focus on preventative medicine and a customized prescription for each patient’s optimal health.

Along with dietary weight management involving HCG, Phentermine, and Keto-adaptive medically supervised weight loss plans, Bobby has advanced training in Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy as well as advanced training in PRP. He has also gained experience in the clinical application of stem cell therapy, as he continues to stay abreast of the latest developments in bio-regenerative medicine.