Is your sex drive depleting?
Is sex uncomfortable or painful?
Is it harder to become aroused or orgasm?

Despite the alarming numbers of women suffering from sexual dysfunction, only 14% of women ever discuss their sexual issues with their physicians.

Why the reluctance to talk about it?
It can be uncomfortable to bring up, and besides that, proven treatment options that restore sexual pleasure and performance are slim. Hormonal replacement therapy like testosterone and estrogen creams can provide some relief, but if it is not enough or you are longing for enhanced experience and enjoyment – there is a solution!


O-Shot® Treatment 

A Breakthrough for Women Suffering from Sexual Dysfunction

For a long time, physicians have searched for a solution to provide relief for women suffering from sexual dysfunction. The goal is to find a long-term treatment to improve the experience, boost pleasure, and repair the lack or decrease in orgasm.

After years of extensive research, the O-Shot Treatment or O-Rejuvenation Treatment are just that solution!

The practitioners at Tampa Rejuvenation utilize Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy to rejuvenate the vagina and surrounding areas by restoring sexual pleasure without surgery or downtime.

How Does the O-Shot Treatment Work?

Biopsy studies reveal that when PRP is injected into a patient’s body, the patients concentrated growth factors respond by multiplying quickly and growing new tissue. Similarly, PRP therapy regenerates healthy connective and vaginal tissue, restoring tissues strength and thickness to boost pleasure and comfort.

Rejuvenating the collagen cells and elastin fibers will increase the thickness of the skin, alleviating discomfort and tightening the vaginal walls. Mucosal cells will also be rejuvenated allowing for improved lubrication, sensitivity, and restored arousal. Increased nerve sensitivity will bring an improved enjoyment to the sexual pleasures thus enhancing orgasm frequency and strength.

Increased nerve sensitivity will bring an improved enjoyment to the sexual pleasures thus enhancing orgasm frequency and strength. vascularization.

The Procedure

The O-Shot procedure is performed by the practitioner, beginning with the patient’s blood being drawn and then spun to extract the PRP full of concentrated growth factors. The area is also numbed so that the patient does not experience any discomfort.

PRP is then injected into the upper vaginal area and the clitoris, stimulating the growth of collagen fibers, mucosal cells, and nerve endings. The O-Shot is a relatively painless, non-invasive procedure with beneficial effects lasting up to a year or longer. Improvement from the O-Shot can be observed shortly following the procedure and will be enjoyed long after it’s over!

You can say goodbye to messy creams and partners shared frustration, and hello to a new and improved sex life! Call Tampa Rejuvenation today to get more information and to schedule an appointment at any of our 6 conveniently located Bay Area locations – North Tampa, South Tampa, Brandon, Westchase / Oldsmar, St. Petersburg and Lakewood Ranch!

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