Why We Need Progesterone

The Benefits of Progesterone

Progesterone is a necessity for good health and longevity. It helps to balance and neutralize excess estrogen effects in both men and women.

The Role of Progesterone

Progesterone’s roles include converting fat into energy, regulating thyroid hormone production, boosting the immune system, and helping to reboot libido.

This natural anti-depressant also aids in normalizing blood clotting, helps to initiate sleep, and is a natural diuretic. Because it activates the brain’s GABA receptor sites, progesterone has a calming effect on the body.


Progesterone for Women

For women, a lack of progesterone can lead to many complications. When the ovaries fail to produce progesterone, estrogen levels will increase causing hormone imbalance. This imbalance can lead to tender breasts, mood swings, and heavy menstrual bleeding.

Incorporating progesterone into female hormone replacement can help reduce these effects, along with easing anxiety. Progesterone will also increase sleepiness and help to build and maintain bones.

Progesterone for Men

In men’s health, progesterone is a precursor to testosterone. Decreased libido, hair loss, weight gain, erectile dysfunction, and gynecomastia can all be due to low progesterone levels in men.

Progesterone is an inhibitor of the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which converts testosterone into dihydrotestosterone (DHT). DHT, also known as bad testosterone, is the cause of male pattern balding, prostatic hyperplasia, and prostate cancer.

By blocking 5-alpha-reductase, progesterone promotes higher levels of testosterone in your body, helping to reduce hair loss and keep your weight down. Progesterone in male hormone replacement enhances your libido, improves your mood, and increases muscle mass.

It also gives you more energy, stronger bones, and stronger erections.

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