Why is Protein So Important?

Along with fats and carbohydrates, protein is a “macronutrient”, meaning the body needs relatively large amounts of it.

It plays a vital part of every tissue, cell, and organ in your body. A common misconception is that protein is just for men and bodybuilders to get big and bulky.

Actually, it is very important to include protein in the diet during the weight loss process.

1. It will give a feeling of fullness because it takes longer to digest protein.

2. It takes more energy to break down protein, in turn, producing a thermo effect and burns calories.

3. It helps maintain, or even increase, lean muscle as weight is lost, which will protect the metabolism from dropping.

4. It helps the muscles recover quicker after resistance training so the body is fully repaired in time for the next training session.

5. Most lean protein foods are also low in carbohydrates. There are plenty more but those are pretty much the big hitters.

Tip: protein powders are a great way to help reach the recommended daily protein intake goals (if you do not know your daily goal send me an email at sebastian@tamparejuvenation.com).

You can buy them at most health stores or we have a great protein powder here at our offices. Try to include a small portion of protein with every meal.

The most important times to consume protein are first thing in the morning and immediately after a workout. A lean source of protein such as chicken, fish, cottage cheese, or turkey along with some vegetables is always a good choice for your evening meal.

But don’t waste efforts by covering it in sauce; instead try experimenting with different herbs and spices to flavor your meals.