What’s the single best exercise for weight loss?

There are several forms of exercise (aerobic, anaerobic, circuit training, interval training, etc.) and even more theories as to which type of exercise is best for weight loss. Many exercise science specialists believe that aerobic exercise is the most important component in weight loss (specifically in fat loss), while others believe that anaerobic activities and strength training are more effective in drastically increasing weight reduction.

According to Dr. Michael Joyner, M.D., brisk walking is the single best exercise for improving overall fitness and increasing fat loss.

Dr. Hiroshi Nose, M.D., Ph.D, supports this belief and researched the effects of a five-month long brisk interval-walking program. Dr. Nose found that the five-month long program increased aerobic capacity and leg strength, while also decreasing cardiovascular disease risk factors (hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and obesity) and body fat mass.

Walking for exercise and weight loss is also very attractive because most people of every fitness level can do it. Walking is a natural, low-impact movement that can be maintained for a long duration to promote fat burning and, thus, fat loss.

Walking can also be performed easily indoors on a treadmill or outside at a track, nearby park, or just around your neighborhood.