What Is Medical Weight Loss?

Medical weight loss can be achieved through a variety of techniques ranging from prescription medications to surgical procedures. A physician may prescribe medication that increases the metabolism of an individual which will then promote and assist in the burning of calories. There are also a few medical weight loss medications that affect the way in which a body absorbs or responds to specific foods and the nutrients they contain.

Cure For Obesity

The medical industry is having difficulty finding a “cure” for obesity. More and more people are becoming obese and science is trying to discover a cure or solution for this epidemic that is sweeping the nation. It seems as if there are various new fad diets being promoted on a week-to-week basis with very minimal results or an impossible to continue diet protocol. Most of these miracle diets don’t promote a lifestyle that is capable of being maintained for any length of time. Medical weight loss provides the ability to lose more weight rapidly, giving you the tools you need with much greater odds of success.

Potential Health Risks

Some types of medications can affect patients differently and may have some health risks associated depending on the medical history of the individual. There are many over the counter supplements involving various herbs and caffeine combinations designed to curb your hunger and boost your metabolism. However, these over the counter weight loss supplements have a myriad of contraindications and it can be dangerous to take something if you do not truly understand what is in it especially, with little to no actual success and no testing to prove effectiveness.  This is why it is so vital to be under the supervision of a physician and following a protocol that involves minimal, if any, risk. The medications utilized for weight loss are not something your practitioner will want you to take long term, but instead a tool to be used to help the individual lose the weight and adopt the lifestyle to allow them to keep it off.

What Does Medical Weight Loss Entail?

Many physicians specialize in medical weight loss and will have a lot of success with their patients. Patients have a consultation, blood work, EKG, and physical performed before being accepted into our Medical Weight Loss in Tampa program. Heart health, in addition to liver and kidney function, are all monitored for the duration of the program. Exercise regimens are recommended as well as customized nutrition plan, for those who follow the protocol and adopt the lifestyle, significant weight loss can be achieved and a healthy weight can be maintained.