What is diabetes? Types of diabetes

There are two types of diabetes.

Type I Diabetes is caused by an inability or insufficiency of the pancreas to create insulin, an important hormone that aids in moving sugar or glucose into your body’s cells to be used as fuel.

Type I Diabetes is typically caused by an attack by the immune system that kills off the pancreas’ beta cells, which are the manufacturers of insulin.

Another possible cause is disease or injury to the pancreas. Less than 5 percent of all diabetics are afflicted with this type of diabetes, and typical onset is in adolescence.


Type II Diabetes is the most prevalent form of the disease. One of the leading causes of death in the United States, Type II Diabetes afflicts more than 27 million Americans, with an additional 86 million falling into the pre-diabetic category.

Many of us have friends or family members who have diabetes, but what causes it and how do we prevent it?

Type II Diabetes is caused by a resistance of the body’s cells to insulin, allowing for a build up of glucose in the blood. This is known as insulin resistance. Diabetes can be caused by genes, excess weight, damage to beta cells, bad communication from cells, or overproduction of glucose by the liver.


If left untreated, Type II Diabetes can cause a multitude of health issues and attribute to an additional increase of getting other diseases – a combination of 3 or more which result in a diagnosis of metabolic syndrome.

Over time, elevated blood sugar can affect heart and vascularization, eye sight, kidney function, wound healing, and pregnancy. It also impairs nervous system function, causing loss or decreased feeling in your feet, decreased sexual pleasure, and trouble with digestion.

Regular blood work and weight monitoring can help reverse and even prevent this disease.


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