Weightlifting VS Running for Long Term Results

A very interesting study was released in a recent edition of the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. Scientists took 2 groups of men and monitored them for a full year.

During the first 6 months, the first group was assigned to weightlifting 3 days a week. Each workout consisted of a basic 3 sets of 10 weightlifting exercises.

The second group was assigned, also for the first 6 months of the study, to run on a treadmill for 30 minutes 3 days a week.

Then the interesting part: both groups quit all exercise for the following 6 months and their body compositions were then reassessed. The lifters were found to be stronger with lower body fat levels than the runners, even though both groups stopped all exercise for 6 months!

The study’s authors say this is likely due to the extra lean muscle the weight lifters gained during the first 6 months. The message of this study is to suggest that the benefits of weight training may last longer than those of running.

Getting in aerobic exercise in is important but gaining a few extra pounds of muscle is essential during weight loss, as it will allow more calories to be burned during the entire day, not just during exercise.

At our gym in North Tampa, we will guide you through the best workouts designed to build lean muscle and burn fat. As we monitor a gym member’s body composition their lean muscle goes up and body fat continues to drop the more consistent and dedicated they are to getting in their workouts.

If 6 months of weight training can keep you leaner for 6 months of being sedentary, imagine what an entire year can do. Dedicate 2012 to a leaner, stronger, and healthier you.