Weight Loss is More Than Just Counting Calories

Current research suggests that many factors come into play when trying to lose weight.

Decreasing total calories and moderating carbohydrates and fats are still important aspects of a healthy lifestyle. However, vitamins and minerals have been shown to play a very important part as well.

For example, vitamins C and B6 are involved in processes that control food intake. Men with deficiencies in vitamins C and E can yield results of obesity and high body fat percentage.

Calcium has also been proven, in many studies, to have a great affect on weight management. Along with vitamin D, adequate calcium could lead to decreased appetite, fat percentage, and total body weight.

It is possible, and very likely, to be deficient in vital micronutrients, even when consuming excessive amounts of food. Most processed foods do not contain adequate amounts of essential nutrients.

A considerable amount of research studies suggest that vitamin and mineral deficiencies could play a significant role in the current obesity epidemic. Fresh fruits, vegetables, and low fat milk products can help meet the recommended daily allowance (RDA) for most vitamins and minerals, but supplementation may also be needed in some cases.

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