Want a slimmer waistline? Slim with soy!

Soy is known as a versatile, low-cost, high-quality protein that is vegetarian friendly and provides essential amino acids for strong muscles and normal body functions. Now soy can add “belly-fat blaster” to its list of benefits as several studies have found a consistent negative relationship between soy consumption and abdominal fat. It seems that individuals who eat more soy products, such as tofu, have less body fat and slimmer waistlines. According to Jillian Wanik, MS, RD, we can credit the soy isoflavones in tofu since “as few as 70 mg of isoflavones have been shown to create a reduction in belly fat.” Another study showed a reduction in abdominal fat in post-menopausal women who consumed soy protein drinks that provided them with 20 g soy protein plus 160 mg of isoflavones. Keep in mind that while soy products are healthy and promote decreased abdominal fat, only choose non-genetically modified soy protein products. Try adding tofu to your favorite Italian recipes in place of ricotta cheese or in your stir-fry in place of animal protein (such as chicken or beef).