Medical Grade Vitamins

Are medical grade vitamins or pharmaceutical grade multivitamins the way to go?

Multivitamins are a common supplement taken by Americans. A multivitamin can be taken in powder form, tablet, or liquid forms. Using a multivitamin helps to fill in the gaps that you do not receive from your daily diet.

Different Kinds of Multivitaminsmedical grade vitamins

There are a few different types of multivitamin which will determine the quality of the multivitamin. Your cheaper multivitamins are known as Cosmetic or Nutritional Grade.

These multivitamins are rarely tested for purity and absorption and often contain artificial flavors, dyes, and preservatives. Medical grade multivitamins you see in practitioners’ offices and in some your high-end food stores.

These are well designed and easily absorbed by your body.

Some Medical Grade multivitamins also contain antioxidants and other ingredients not seen in low-grade vitamins.

Medical Grade Vitamins

Pharmaceutical Grade multivitamins are only available from a licensed health professional. These are the highest quality of multivitamin.

Greater ingredients and research is done for these multivitamins and they educate the health professionals on the science behind the vitamin. Price wise is usually the same as your health food store sometimes slightly more.

Consult with your doctor today to see what kind of multivitamin would be right for you. Results vary by individual ask your doctor before starting any new supplements. If you have questions or concerns about vitamins, then be sure to contact us at Tampa Rejuvenation or give us a call at 813-558-9500.