Vitamin A and Weight Loss

Vitamin A is integral in immune function, reproduction, and vision; normal function of many organs depend on this nutrient so it is very important to achieve efficient levels for optimal wellness.

Vitamin A has a derivative known as retinoic acid that has been shown to improve insulin sensitivity and boost metabolism. Increased insulin sensitivity helps the body to use glucose more efficiently thus preventing fat buildup and energy level drops. Those who implement sufficient Vitamin A intake have been shown to lower their glucose levels, insulin resistance, and body weight. These benefits have been shown to be significant and may yield usage in anti-obesity and anti-diabetic medicine.

To achieve these weight loss and health benefits women should be getting about 700 mg and men should be taking about 900 mg to reap maximum benefit from this vital nutrient.

Vitamin A can be found in animal products such as liver, fish oil, dairy and eggs and it’s pro-vitamin form beta-carotene, meaning the body converts it to vitamin A, can be found in orange foods such as squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes.