Vitamin E

Vitamin E is another well rounded vitamin that may help our bodies. It is one of our body’s most important antioxidant nutrients. This means it is very important in helping protecting healthy cells from the free radical damage. It does this by preventing the oxidation of unsaturated fatty acids. Free radicals are unstable chemicals formed during the metabolism processes. When we have too many free radicals in our body it becomes a problem. This is mostly important for our body parts that are more vulnerable to these free radicals such as our eyes, lungs, liver, and arteries. Some of the free radicals it may help clean up are mercury, lead, benzene, ozone and other toxicants we are subject to in our environment during daily life. When we are lacking enough Vitamin E often our sex drive is low, our red blood cells become fragile, reproduction disorders can take place, anemia, and muscle and brain function abnormalities can occur. Some common foods high in Vitamin E are almonds, peanuts, green olives, basil, or spinach. Some people may benefit from supplements of Vitamin E. To help give your body the boost it needs Vitamin E may be a possible solution. Results vary from person to person so consult a doctor today and find out how Vitamin E may help you!