Toxic to Foods Eaten? Find Out…

Ninety-five percent of people reading this are regularly eating foods that are toxic to their body — even the most common and healthy foods.

If there was just one food or food allergen that was causing or even just aggravating your chronic condition –whether that be:
* headaches
* stomach pain
* skin issues
* mood swings
* depression
* anxiety
* nausea
* poor concentration
* and weight gain

Wouldn’t you want to know what that food is?

Tampa Rejuvenation’s Food Sensitivity Test will identify those foods and elements that do not digest well in your system or that give your body an adverse reaction. Within a week of the test, you’ll receive a report providing information on the antibody levels against 96 foods in several different categories, including:

* dairy
* seafood
* poultry
* meat
* vegetables
* fruits
* and many other miscellaneous items.

Also in the report will be an individualized dietary treatment plan, which involves an elimination and rotation style diet plan in addition to patient education on hidden food sources of his or her reactive foods.

Removing or limiting those foods will not only help you lose body fat, but you’ll look and feel healthier and have more vibrancy.

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