Top 5 Signs of Low Thyroid Activity

Thyroid hormones regulate your metabolism, which is the ability to burn food for energy and generate body heat. Thyroid hormones are also needed for normal development of bone, muscle, and the brain.

If one commonly experiences 3 to 5 out of the following list, they may have, or be at risk of developing, hypothyroidism.

The top five signs of hypothyroidism are:






Other common symptoms include dry skin, brittle or ridged fingernails, unexplained pain, unexplained weight gain, hair loss, irritability, and an inability to sweat.

Thyroid problems affect approximately 1 in 7 adults and are more common in women. The risk increases with age.

If you believe you’re hypothyroid, please come in to Tampa Rejuvenation where our practitioners can measure and analyze your blood levels.

All thyroid hormones are critical to normal functioning, but most physicians are still “old school” when it comes to thyroid testing, and only test TSH levels and at too wide of a range.

This is a problem because T3 is actually the most active thyroid hormone and if someone has trouble converting T4 to T3, then the thyroid is not functioning optimally. Yet a physician will say, “Everything is okay.”

Tampa Rejuvenation specializes in thyroid testing and can correct low thyroid activity with a combination of natural thyroid extract and nutritional supplements unique to one’s needs.

We will also monitor and adjust dosages accordingly until desirable improvements in symptoms are achieved. Almost everyone feels better when his or her T4 and T3 levels move from low- to mid-normal to high normal.