Thyroid Simulating Hormone

The thyroid stimulating hormone, often measured by a blood test, is measured to determine if you have problems in your thyroid gland.

Known as TSH for short, the thyroid stimulating hormone is a crucial player in determining how you feel overall. Sluggishness and weight gain are two of the most common concerns associated with thyroid problems — among many more.

Using your TSH levels from a blood test, your health professional can determine if your thyroid is functioning properly, and if not, what the reasons are behind its malfunctions.

If your thyroid is fine and you still have weight gains and are feeling sluggish, your diet and physical activity may need to be reevaluated.

To correct any problems, thyroid treatments are available right around the corner. Generally, you’ll start to feel more energized within a couple of weeks.

Set up an appointment today with your healthcare provider to get your TSH levels checked and find out if your lack of energy or weight gain could be because of your thyroid.

Results vary by individual, so make sure to consult your doctor right away to find a treatment plan that will be specific to you and your needs.