Testosterone Therapy & Sex Benefits

Testosterone Therapy May Be the Secret to Great Sex!

Is testosterone therapy the secret to a more fulfilling sex life for older men?

According to a well-designed peer-reviewed study recently published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine, testosterone therapy has been confirmed as being beneficial to men over 65. The study found that supplemental testosterone therapy in these men was effective in boosting mood, and alleviating sexual wellness issues.

The study went on to say that the greatest benefits of testosterone replacement therapies, were experienced during the first year of treatment.

The men in the study self-identified as having sexual issues. They reported, especially as they approached the age of 60, a loss of libido, or a declining sex drive, and/or erectile dysfunction. In interviews before starting testosterone treatments, they also reported being moody, depressed, and “unmotivated.”

The study is on-going, and the men will continue to be tracked for other benefits of testosterone optimization. But for now, lead researcher on the study Dr. Peter Snyder, of the University of Pennsylvania, said it was clear that, “Testosterone improved sexual activity, sexual desire and improved erectile function.”

Snyder said that while he was also able to document improvements in mood, the biggest improvement was in sexual function, particularly in the group of men that had been getting the largest increase of testosterone.

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Details of This Testosterone Study

Snyder and his team selected about 800 men over 65 from over 50,000 they had screened. The 800 were described as having “low testosterone.” In a typical “double blind” study, half the participants were given supplemental testosterone via a gel, and the other half a placebo gel.

Snyder said the men receiving the actual testosterone were boosted to the levels you would find in a “healthy young man.”

Speaking to NPR, Dave Bostick, a participant who used the real testosterone gel said, that he definitely developed “a more robust libido.” But he added, that even more importantly, he just “felt happier.” He also said he had more energy, and his enthusiasm for trying new things was back. Even though his part in the study ended more than two years ago, Bostick has continued with testosterone therapy.

Previous studies have indicated that there was a greater risk of heart disease or developing prostate cancer in men who are on testosterone therapies. Last year several more recent studies indicated that those previous studies were flawed, and there is no such increased risk.

Snyder’s research backs up the more recent studies. He saw no increase in the incidence of heart disease or cancer in the group on testosterone therapy in his study.

There have been some research studies, and many anecdotal reports, of the benefits of testosterone therapy in aging men. This most recent study is very significant in that it is one of the “first really well-designed and scientifically rigorous trials to indicate that testosterone therapy provides benefit,” said endocrinologist Dr. Eric Orwoll, with the Oregon Health and Science University.

How do I know if I need Testosterone Therapy?

The improvements Mr. Bostick reports are very typical of the men I see in my own practice who receive testosterone therapy.

Bostick, and the other men in this study reported moodiness and sexual dysfunction before beginning testosterone therapy. But those are not the only signs and symptoms of low testosterone. Other signs of low testosterone, sometimes called “Low-T” include:

  • A loss of lean muscle with particular difficulty in gaining it back
  • Weight gain, particularly “around the middle”
  • Weakness and fatigue, lack of energy

The good news is more and more research is coming out that is confirming the many positive benefits of testosterone therapy. But remember, you can only receive legitimate testosterone therapy with a doctor’s prescription.

Other Ways to Enhance Male Sexual Wellness

At our practice we take an integrative approach to your health and wellness. That means we often combine therapies to maximize your results and help you to feel younger, stronger and more confident.

Even if low testosterone is found to be contributing to your sexual difficulties, often in addition to testosterone therapy, we will also use other treatments and techniques to improve your performance.

One such procedure that has a very synergistic effect with testosterone therapy is the PulseWave RX. PulseWave is one of latest treatments available for male enhancement. Technology similar to PulseWave has been used successfully in Europe for decades. However, it is very new to the U.S. In fact, we are the only ones in your area currently offering this medically proven male enhancement procedure.

Blood vessels in your penis break down over time. This is the most common cause of age-related ED. PulseWave uses high frequency acoustical waves to open up old blood vessels, and to stimulate the formation of new vessels. The resulting improved blood flow, helps any man, and not just those with ED, to obtain stronger and more sustainable erections.

80% of men with ED receiving PulseWave RX treatments saw a reversal of their condition, and 86% of all men receiving the treatment report positive results and improved sexual performance. In fact, there is even evidence that indicates that acoustical wave therapy may even prevent, or significantly delay the onset of age-related erectile