Taurine and your health

Taurine, which is considered to be a conditionally needed amino acid, plays a large role in the platelets for the brain, blood, and heart.

Taurine also helps with weight loss as your metabolic function may improve. Your body generally creates most of the taurine you need.

However, supplementation can be necessary when your body does not provide adequate amounts.

Taurine is consumed in higher amount among cultures that live much longer than average. In addition, Taurine helps to prevent obesity, since it is an excellent amino acid.

For the active person taurine helps to allow muscles to work harder and fatigue to arise at a slower rate. Taurine is naturally occurring primarily in seafood and meats. Even when consuming high protein diets, your taurine levels may be low and supplementation may be needed.

Start feeling better today with taurine supplementation. Supplementation may help with cardiovascular, metabolic, and neurological health.

Ask your doctor today if you could benefit from taurine as supplementation may be beneficial. Results vary by individual, so consult your doctor today before starting any new supplement regimen.