Target Heart Rate

Target heart rate is the terminology used to describe the heart rate range that yields the best cardiovascular and fat burning results. Knowing what your target heart rate is can be very beneficial in maximizing your workout time and allowing you to reach your goals more quickly. There are a few different ways that target heart rate can be calculated the most common of which is accomplished by determining your maximum heart rate. 220 – your age = Max HR. You may also determine Max HR using Max HR = 208 – (Age*0.7), which tends to be more accurate for individuals over the age of 40.

Once you have found your maximum heart rate you can then determine your various target ranges, heart rate doing moderate activities should be 50-69%, while 70-85% is a vigorous physical regimen putting you in the maximum fat burning zone. The higher the intensity of exercise yields a greater level of cardiovascular benefit and calorie burn. There are many electronic devices capable of tracking heart rate so that you can ensure you stay within your desired target range and will allow you to see what intensity you are performing at. You will then be able to learn which exercises help you to reach your target ranges and accomplish your goals at a faster pace.

Consult your doctor before beginning any exercise program to determine that you are in good health. Talk to them about your goals and any concerns that you may have so that you and your health professional are on the same page. Once you have spoken with your doctor and have decided what type of exercise program to pursue consider hiring a personal trainer so that you can achieve maximum results and do so with the least amount of risk of injury and overexertion. Get moving!