Is Stress Causing You to Gain Weight?

Stress is a factor that we don’t usually connect to weight gain. But the connection is, in fact, a very powerful one.

Stress can come from many different sources. And when not addressed, chronic stress leads to negative changes in eating habits.

It stresses the adrenals and negatively affects hormone levels. It is a well-established trigger in many diseases usually due to its release of pro-inflammatory chemicals.

And stress can literally increase the rate at which the body and mind age by reducing blood circulation to the skin and the production of collagen.

Stress is also very much connected to fatigue because for example when you are stressed and either eat too many carbs in an attempt to boost energy levels, or you drink too much caffeine, you end up crashing.

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons to deal with stress. Make sure you are getting 7 hours of sleep every night. Exercise significantly helps the body deal with stress.

And a diet rich in nutrients will boost energy levels and help to better handle stress.

Be aware that what usually happens when people feel stressed is to skip meals, buy fast food, or drink sugar packed energy drinks. Don’t let stress cause you to gain weight. Cortisol is considered “the stress hormone” and when it is too high for too long it is a strong indicator of adrenal burnout and stress.

At Tampa Rejuvenation, we can test cortisol levels and see if it is contributing to weight gain.