Stem Cell Facelifts: Simple Procedure, Powerful Results

Here’s some information about stem cell facelifts that you may find useful.

Our face naturally begins to sag over time due to dramatic changes happening under the skin. Cells aren’t being created or maintained like they used to and collagen levels are depleting, which leaves our face susceptible to extreme signs of aging. This slowing down of production and upkeep happens across the body. This affects everything from the hair follicles of the scalp to the skin cells on the feet.

When we’re young, collagen production is especially high. Thus it keeps our skin supple and prevents wrinkles and sagging. Along with the gradual decrease in cell production, our bodies produce less and less collagen after our 20s. Empty spaces and crevices develop underneath our skin because skin cells break down and new cells aren’t being created. These crevices later become wrinkles and sagging skin.

Over the years, our face sags or droops, fine wrinkles appear (or turn to harsher, deeper wrinkles), and dark spots or patches develop. Essentially, what our face needs at that point is a rejuvenation of cells to improve the skin underneath.

That’s where Stem Cell Therapy and stem cell facelifts come in! Instead of injecting your skin with additives and fillers to plump it up, an injection of stem cells boosts the production of your own cells and works to repair damaged tissue naturally.

If you’re looking to turn back time on your face, skip the complicated surgeries and choose a more natural and revitalizing procedure! Continue reading to learn why so many people have turned to stem cell facelifts to restore youth and vitality.

Traditional Facelift Procedures

Stem Cell Therapy for Face

A traditional facelift procedure (also called a Rhytidectomy) is extremely invasive. Due to the use of anesthesia, scalpels, and stitches, this procedure requires you to undergo an extensive recovery period post-surgery.

How does it work?

During traditional facelift procedures, your skin is separated from the face so that surgeons can sculpt the muscles and connective tissue beneath. Here, the physician carves away or sculpts the tissue and muscle to make it appear more youthful before your skin forms to it again. Because the procedure is so severe, you’re given general anesthesia and potentially a combination of sedatives to prevent trauma.

After a typical facelift, you’ll receive stitches (which are removed anywhere from a week or two later) before the wound is heavily dressed (the dressings coming off in a day or two post-surgery).

When considering a surgical facelift, you’ll need to keep in mind:

  • The severity of the procedure
  • Your bodily reactions to general anesthesia
  • Discomfort and pain management following surgery
  • Unsightly dressing or stitches
  • One to two weeks of recovery time

Many people choose to look past simple cell-revitalizing therapies and opt-in for complex facelift surgeries. They believe there aren’t any comparable alternatives, but there is!

Today, you can infuse your cells with nutrients and revitalization through Stem Cell Therapy at Tampa Rejuvenation––without any extensive downtime or recovery!


Stem Cell Facelifts Tampa Proceduresstem cell facelift

Stem cells are vital building blocks for the human body. These cells can split themselves to make identical copies as well as transform into a diverse range of specialized cells, depending on what the body needs.

The stem cells are supplied through the umbilical cord in the womb to develop systems, functions, and new cells in the fetus. Stem cells can change their structure to become red blood cells, muscle cells, and brain cells among others. Their power and importance in healthy growth are undeniable, and their use in facelift procedures is revolutionary.

When stem cells are injected during therapy, they seek out damaged tissues and stress signals from the body to repair and maintain existing cells. Through concentrated and healthy doses of stem cells, patients at Tampa Rejuvenation can receive the skin-enhancing benefits of a facelift without the need for scalpels, surgeries, or downtime, when they chose stem cell facelifts.

Stem Cell Facelifts at Tampa Rejuvenation

The stem cell facelift procedure is relatively quick, and, far from requiring stitches or heavy dressings, leaves minimal evidence behind. While your life goes on virtually unchanged, stem cells underneath give your skin a chance to repair and smoothen out.

Stem cell injections are performed in safe and painless therapy sessions from health specialists at any of our six locations. Before the procedure, numbing agents are applied so injections don’t cause you any discomfort. There’s no need for general anesthesia or intravenous cocktails.

Therapy at Tampa Rejuvenation is simple and convenient, making it easy for you to work stem cell procedures into their busy schedules. Facelifts shouldn’t put you out of commission or make going out in public seem nightmarish for weeks afterward. They should leave you feeling youthful and refreshed!

To determine eligibility and discuss therapy options, contact our health specialists today. Or you can visit any of our Tampa Rejuvenation offices in North Tampa, South Tampa, Brandon, and Westchase! Call us today 888-865-8370 to learn more.