Selenium Benefits for Your Thyroid

Selenium Benefits vary, but for the most part, this mineral is good for you for many reasons.

Selenium is a mineral found naturally in food that is very beneficial in protecting people from various diseases caused by aging. Selenium is especially important in thyroid function because it is necessary to synthesize selenoproteins.

Selenium Benefits and How it Works

Selenoproteins regulate production of the thyroid hormones, protect the thyroid from the effects of stress within the body, and are responsible for the conversion of T4, the inactive form of the thyroid hormone, to T3, the active form. Selenium deficiency is fairly common among Americans as they typically consume the Standard American Diet (SAD) which is almost entirely devoid of unprocessed food. Foods highest in this nutrient are Brazil nuts, oysters, tuna, and wheat bread; Selenium can also be found in garlic, onions, and foods from the broccoli family.

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