Resistance Training For Women

Resistance training for women is extremely important, but not enough women are being proactive about it.

Most active women pretty much stick to aerobic exercise during their weight loss journey.

The major problem with that: our goal should not be to “lose weight”; rather, it should be to “lose fat and gain muscle.”

While aerobic exercise plays a vital part of the process, when we lose weight from aerobic exercise alone we lose weight from both body fat AND muscle. The result is a weakened metabolism.

This is why most find it very difficult to keep the weight they have lost off for good. And this is where resistance training plays a major role. When combined with a healthy diet, resistance training will ensure that gradually lost weight come from fat stores only.

It will protect your metabolism by strengthening and maintaining your muscle tissue. This means any lost weight will be gone for good!

It is muscles from resistance training that will give you that tight, toned, and curvy figure, not aerobic exercise alone.

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