New Study: An Apple a Day to Keep a STROKE Away

A recent study conducted by Dutch researchers set out to determine possible links between stroke risk and eating fruits and vegetables of certain color groups. They analyzed the self-reported information from 20,069 people between ages 20 and 69 of what they had eaten over a one-year period. All of these people had no previous diagnosed heart disease or stroke at the start of the study. During the 10 years of follow up, 233 of these people had strokes. The interesting finding was that the researchers found the risk of stroke to be 52% lower in those who ate lots of white-fleshed fruits and vegetables, compared to those who did not. Other foods in the white category include pears, bananas, cauliflower, chicory, and cucumber. Potatoes were considered a starch. Although there was no association between stroke risk and green, yellow, orange, red, or purple fruits and vegetables, these other color groups may also have their benefits of preventing other chronic diseases, so be sure to consume a variety of colors, just don’t skip on the white ones!