New Study on Antibiotics

The Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) published a study that provides evidence that the use of antibiotics is associated with an increased risk of getting breast cancer. The conclusion: the more antibiotics the women in the study had the higher the risk of breast cancer. The women who had more than 25 prescriptions over a seventeen-year period had more than twice the risk of breast cancer than the women who had not taken any. Even the women that had 1 to 25 prescriptions of antibiotics over that time had a one and a half times risk of being diagnosed with breast cancer than those that hadn’t had any antibiotics. The authors found an increased risk in all areas that they studied. What the take away from this? Well first understand that all drugs are toxic and can damage health and should only be taken after considering the risk to benefit ratio. Couple the risk of antibiotic use with our nutrient poor diets (leading to our weakened immune systems), overuse of poor quality medications, vaccines, and immunosuppressive drugs for autoimmune diseases, then it’s no wonder there’s been an explosion in sickness and cancer rates over the last 15 years. But we don’t have to continue down that road. If you get sick all the time, or when you get sick it takes a whole week to get better, and if you are overly dependent on drugs such as antibiotics just to feel “normal” then that should trigger an alarm. Being in excellent health is not just about how one feels at the moment, it is how resistant the immune system is to microbes and that reflects cancer resistance. Remember antibiotics don’t just kill the bacteria causing the sickness; it kills the beneficial bacteria too (probiotics) that contribute to a healthy digestive system so they need to be replaced through the diet or supplementation. Swap the antibiotics for a diet rich with nutrients complimented by pharmaceutical grade supplements that support your immune system and you will rarely get sick again and when you do you will be back on your feet before you know it.