Why Multivitamins Do Not Work

Taking a multivitamin is a vital part of the diet if one is already in a relatively good state of health and fitness. But someone with a health problem that started taking a multivitamin and it solve that health issue will voice what happened. Yes there are several studies that show how a multivitamin can help prevent cancer, diabetes, and cardiovascular disease. But the key word is prevent, not cure them. The problem is when 40 different vitamins and minerals are taken all at one time, they compete for absorption and the body may not get adequate amounts of the certain nutrients it needs to fix that health problem. Since disease conditions respond better to targeted nutrients, one might only need 3 specific nutrients to reverse a condition. On top of that, mostly all of the highly advertised brands of multivitamins have several other flaws. To maximize the company’s profits to spend more on advertising instead of into research cheap forms of vitamins and minerals that are not optimally utilized by the body are used. Also, if the recommended serving size is one pill/day there is no way it is going to truly fill in the nutritional gaps in the diet. Another problem with most multivitamins found on grocery store shelves is that the quantities of the vitamins and minerals are very low. They only cover RDA recommendations. If one is engaged in regular exercise (which I really hope you are!) the body has a higher need for certain nutrients to take part in recovery, energy production, immune health, and tissue repair. Sometimes the high quality supplements are the ones made by companies that are not commonly known. Tampa Rejuvenation can supply a multivitamin made by a company that diverts profits into state of the art research and quality control over advertising. More importantly, it is of pharmaceutical grade meaning it is beyond 99% purity, with no binders, fillers, dyes, or unknown substances. But as stated before, a multivitamin isn’t going to magically cure health issues, but can help prevent them. See a specialist and be on a healthy diet and exercise regime. Then and only then can one truly benefit from a high quality multivitamin.