Low Glycemic Foods

When eating different types of foods they all have a glycemic index rating. This is just a numerical value that shows the rate at which the food is turned into glucose in the body. The scale ranges from 0-100 with 100 being the high for rapid rise in blood sugar. Glucose itself is a reference point for the scale and is given a rating of 100. What is the importance of even knowing what the glycemic level is? Your body functions best when your blood sugar levels remain steady. Decreases cause you to become hungry while increases will cause your body to release excess amount of insulin. Low glycemic foods are 55 and below. Foods with a rating of 70 or higher are considered high. Some common foods that are in low glycemic are apples, grapefruit, peanuts, bean sprouts. Common high glycemic foods are baked potato, ice cream, white rice, white bread, watermelon, and mac and cheese! There are many lists available online to find out exactly what each food is. To help maintain proper glucose levels, knowing how the food is affecting you is a good start. Talk with your doctor today about low glycemic foods and to see if changing your diet could benefit you. Results may vary by individual.