Improve health with fish oils!

We all know that fish oils are good … but why?

Throughout the years, our diets have shifted away from getting a high amount of Omega-3s. The shift has come from eating more processed foods and corn fed beef.

Now we consume a diet filled with Omega-6s instead of Omega-3. These Omega-6 rich diets have a high association with various diseases.

The Omega-6 has effects on the inflammation of the body and could cause arthritis and cancers. When it comes to weight loss, Omega-6s could also reduce the body’s capability to metabolize Omega-3s.

Tampa Rejuvenation has something that may help fight all of this. Omega-3 to the rescue!

The Omega-3 EPA/DHA plays a key role in fighting the side effects from too much Omega-6. Inflammation is one of the most easily noted changes that will occur.

In addition to reducing inflammation, an increase in heart health, your good HDL cholesterol, vision health, and lower blood pressure is common among the many benefits — including weight loss.

Where can Omega-3s be found? The best source of food rich in Omega-3s is from diets plentiful in canned light tuna, catfish, wild salmon, shrimp and Pollock.

When it’s sometimes hard to implement food in a person’s diet, to reach the body’s needs a supplement could help you reach healthy levels. There are many Omega-3 supplements; however, they’re not all the same.

Many of them only have about 30% of the fish oil containing the Omega-3 EPA/DHA. The rest of the fish oil is often filled with a mix of less desirable components.

We recommend Quell Fish Oils, since they’re filled with 75% of the active ingredients needed so get more for less.

There are two main types of Omega-3 fatty acids: Long-chained Omega-3 and short-chained Omega-3. The long chained are more beneficial and come from seafood and algae sources.

The short-chained are less desirable, since it takes much more to get the same effect of the long-chained sources such as fish. Short-chained sources are plant or flaxseed items.

When it comes to EPA and DHA omega-3s, both are great but DHA is better due to the increased capability for your body to convert it.

This is why our fish oils are higher in DHA. The recommended dosage for fish oils is to take 2 soft gels per day with a meal if using our Quell Fish Oils. This can vary depending on your health status or by the product itself and how much is in each soft gel.

Because of the amount of health benefits from these Omega-3s, we highly recommended them if a person is taking any currently or if one’s body is simply not getting enough from food sources!

Results may vary by individual, so consult your doctor today and see if this is right for you!