Having trouble losing weight or getting off those last few pounds?


Did you ever think a herbal cleanse or liver detox was the missing key ingredient to your weight loss?


An herbal cleanse or detox is an all-natural way to get the body back into a steady rhythm of digestion and filtration, igniting your metabolism. Over time, processed foods, environmental toxins, and waste buildup in our systems can bog down our livers filtration – thus slowing down our metabolism. This can impede weight loss as the liver is too busy filtering toxins and not processing fat, even causing weight gain.


A cleanse or detox could be the missing piece to your diet plan, and if nothing else, it will certainly give your metabolism and overall energy a boost while flushing out toxins.


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How Does a Healthy Liver Help to Lose Weight?


The liver helps to process and store valuable nutrients from the small intestine, crucial in metabolism, immunity, and overall body performance. Also serving as the body’s filter, weeding out the garbage and toxins before passing them onto the rest of the digestive system.


When the liver is clean and unburdened by toxins or waste, it can absorb nutrients that it needs from food and pass the rest on down the line quickly. However, from junk food to alcohol, our livers are slowly building up waste over time, just like our house our liver will begin to buildup toxins and become overwhelmed – regular cleaning, or detoxing, will help the liver from becoming overburdened.


Our body cannot function properly without a health liver as we need them to be in top-notch shape to perform all our body’s necessary functions and plays an integral role in weight loss. This is why a flush, cleanse, or detox is so imperative when you’re looking to shed some fat.


Everything we consume is processed through the liver. The byproducts and toxins in all the food we eat might not pass as easily through the liver if there’s a blockage or buildup. These blockages will ultimately throw a big wrench in your body’s metabolism, making it harder to remove all the waste that we consume, breathe, or come in contact with on a regular basis.


It’s important to stay on top of a healthy diet to keep the liver functioning optimally. Switching over from processed foods full of chemicals to fresher options is a great way of improving things long-term. If a jumpstart is what you need and you are really trying to lose weight, then a cleanse or detox is the way to go.


Foods to Avoid


Some foods and consumables are particularly dangerous to your liver, and consuming too much of these will result in a buildup of waste. Avoid consuming in excess the following:


  • Salt, or salt-heavy foods
  • Chemicals from processed foods
  • High-dose supplements
  • Alcohol
  • Over-the-counter medications


What many people don’t realize is that the liver also processes all of things we breathe in, whether in the air or by our own consumption. It’s not just the food we eat. These inhaled factors can also factor into liver damage, buildup, or degradation:


  • Cigarettes
  • Aerosol cleaners
  • Paint or chemical sprays
  • Bug spray


Weight Loss Through Cleanse or Liver Detox


When our livers are backed up or bogged down by buildup, it becomes harder and harder to process nutrients and to filter out toxins – let alone aide in ridding the body of excess fat cells.


With a cleanse or detox, you eliminate foods that are harmful to the body whether they be processed or inflammatory in nature, such as wheat and dairy, to help give your body time to flush out the old stuff. When your liver is free from toxins and the food is processing healthily, your metabolism is free to burn fat like it did in your 20s!


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