Hair Thinning Solutions For Men And Women


As a male surpasses the age of 50, he may begin to notice a decrease in the fullness of his once alluring mane. For some men, as early as 30 they begin to notice a receding hairline, balding at the temples or back of the scalp, or thinning across the entire scalp. While many just attribute this unpleasant change to the natural aging process, there is a bit more to know about the culprits, as well as, preventative measures that can be done. One of the main reasons men begin to lose hair is due to inheriting a gene that makes them and their hair follicles more sensitive to DHT, also known as Dihydrotestosterone. Dihydrotestosterone results when there is too much excess testosterone circulating in the body. During puberty, DHT is extremely important for the development of sexual characteristics. However, when a male is older and has high DHT, the DHT competes for the sites testosterone would have bound to. Unfortunately, this is not just a male issue. In women, while balding may not occur completely, thinning hair can. Some other side effects include: increased body or facial hair, acne, excessive sweating, sleep apnea, and an increased risk for high blood pressure. Monitoring your blood work, and ensuring you have proper levels of progesterone is one way to keep your body from making too much DHT.

Are you a good candidate for PRP Hair Restoration?

However, you may be wondering about the options to treat the damage of the DHT. One treatment that has been around for years is Platelet-Rich Plasma Therapy (also known as PRP). This is a non-surgical procedure that requires spinning down one’s own blood and collecting the plasma from the blood. The plasma contains amazing growth factors that keep your body’s cells healthy and facilitate repair. When the plasma is injected into the scalp where baldness has occurred, the growth factors are able to stimulate growth and repair. Over the course of 4- 6 treatments (or as recommended by the practitioner), hair growth becomes apparent. There are little to no side effects as the procedure utilizes one’s own cells. PRP has been used for years for skin repair and wound healing.


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