Glutamate which is one of the main excitatory neurotransmitters is your best friend when in balance. When levels are low or high issues arise. Do you feel fatigued or have a hard time focusing or simple lack any excitement about life. These are just a few signs that your levels are too low. On the other end when levels are too high you may be anxious, tend to over think simple tasks a lot, and you may be very sensitive to stimulants. While we need these excitatory neurotransmitters to provide motivation, energy, and focus they need to be balanced. Glutamate works with cells that have glutamate receptor proteins. Upon here, glutamate will bind and activate the receptor proteins. While when balanced glutamate is extremely beneficial and needed for proper function in the body when your levels are off or you have signs that they could be off it is good to look into options for getting back your balance. Consult with your doctor and find out if your levels are good and if they are not what the best treatment would be for you. Results vary by individual consult your doctor today to find out testing methods and treatments available for you.