Gluco Mend

Glucose is the most important carbohydrate for you. Gluco Mend helps support your healthy glucose levels. This may also help against effects of excess blood sugar. Glycation may occur in or outside the body. Mainly we see glycation due to what we eat. Diets high in fried foods, roasted meats, simple carbs and starches increase your glycation. Glycation lacks organization and hinders the process of functioning biomolecules. Glycation generates advanced glycation end-products (AGEs). These AGEs are associated with many diseases such as diabetes and age-related deteriorations. When AGEs affect your protein fibers they become stiff and malformed. This tissue damage along with being vulnerable to disease is known to cause the skin to sag or wrinkle. The combination of ingredients in Gluco Mend may help balance excessive conversion of glucose from carbohydrates into body fat. The Gluco Mend formula also may help reduce intestinal glucose absorption, regulate appetite back to normal, reduce blood glucose levels, and produce energy. Results may vary by individual. Talk with your doctor today and see if Gluco Mend can help you restore healthy glucose levels in your body.