Get Rid of Insulin Resistance

Overweight? If the answer is yes, one can almost certainly guarantee insulin resistance.

If one is insulin resistant, it can cause excessive weight gain. This is a vicious cycle unless it gets addressed.

Insulin resistance is a condition where natural hormone insulin becomes less effective at lowering blood sugar levels. When cells become insulin resistant, they stop ‘opening up’ to let glucose through. The result is large quantities of glucose not able to enter the cells and instead traveling through the blood stream and to the liver, where it gets converted to fat.

The end result, of course, is weight gain.

Insulin resistance is an inevitable sign of aging. The rate of which this occurs, however, can be controlled. The goal is to regain sensitivity to insulin.

The first step is to limit (or even temporarily eliminate) intake of high glycemic carbohydrates. These carbohydrates increase the blood glucose level more rapidly and require the secretion of more insulin to control the levels of glucose in the blood.

The second step is exercise, primarily aerobic combined with strength training. This will naturally increase the rate at which glucose gets sent to the muscle cells, which results in less of it being sent to the liver and converted to fat.

The third and most important step is to see a professional. Tampa Rejuvenation offers various methods to determine whether insulin resistance is present and, from there, will determine the best plan to tackle this issue and bring you closer to optimum health.